Big Numbers: Day 254

It looks like a zoo in here. SYM1's Zoo for All Things FLY. Today I finished a giraffe. I have no idea why I wanted to do a giraffe, but I did one. I feel so much better now that it's out of the way too. No big convo on how this went down. I made a decision and went for it.

OH! You know what I DID do? I painted the blakk first. That was STRANGE! I mentioned in the #BOSS post, that I make the lines last to make them fit the art I've already done, but since the bakkground was blakk, I started there, because that's usually the first thing I do. It was odd. That's all I have to report on that matter. Here's the final product:

242 and 243/1000 "So Long Africa"
Acrylic on 2 11x14 Stretched Canvases 

It would have been cool had I done the whole thing and was able to mix the entire body up.  

That's all. More animals soon come. Watch.

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