Big Numbers: Day 240 Part II

Ya'll know SYM loooooves the peacokks. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I finally put one on canvas. I'm so excited to show ya'll. I want to do another, but not yet. I've got a flamingo on my mind. It must happen.

So, I did this one completely from my imagination again. I did a somewhat realistic face with exaggerated eyes (SYM-ish), but for the bakkground, I was actually inspired by prints on African fabrics. I've been looking at them regularly, thanks to my friend Google. I love prints, but more than that I love bright colors. Although this isn't directly based on something I saw, the idea was inspired by those fabrics. I didn't do the step by step thing...because, just like the last time I forgot. But I do have a few photos from the up until stage. 

I know I could have rotated these...

But...isn't this more interesting? No? Ok, I'll consider it for next time. 

I'm getting excited at this point. It's really coming together! 
Here's the finished product. 

238/1000 "Pride"
12x24 inches of AWESOME!!!! 

Him so cute, right? 

Love it! I want to keep it, but I think I love it so much it MUST go away. Who wants to validate my excitement? Show me how great it is and make it yours. Pleeeeeasssseeee!!!

**And yes, I did post Part II first, because I'm making a change to part one. Of course, I could have switched them, but for what? Now I'm interesting. Yay me! 

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