TPT: 3 Messages That Annoy Me

Let's get right to the point.

1) Let me know when you decide to post some of your work.

SERIOUSLY? When I decide to post SOME of it? I've posted EVERY piece I've EVER done in the last 4yrs+ on Facebook. Where have YOU been? While I believe that somewhere someone has been reporting me as spam, you're going to sit here and say you've never seen ANY of my work? Ever? *falls out* 

2) Let me know when you do a "skeleton on a safari" piece. 

Nobody ever asked for that specifically, but again, why would I ever just paint a skeleton on safari? When exactly would one expect me to get around to doing that? For what?!?!??! People are silly. I'm sure. Wrote an entire post on this before...it still happens. Clikk here >Monkeys and Margaritas

3) Let me know when you get more in stokk

But...it's a custom shirt. Why would I just make you a custom shirt that looks just like a custom shirt I did already all willy nilly? 

*cries hysterically and shouts* I'M JUST ONE WOMAN (an extraordinary woman, but just one)!!! Let me keep what's left of my sanity. Or I could lose it and get a husband...I know ya'll like em crazy.


jamica said...

Soooo...no skeleton on a safari then?

SYM1 said...

Not yet, you gon order it? *eyebrow raised*

TBrown11 said...

We shall pray. Post your own work next time! LOL