I guess I've been spending some time recreating things I really liked. This is another one of those times. I did the "CURVEsive" painting last January, and coincidentally, I predicted an entire color assortment...which I finally got to...but not at all how I envisioned it. *shrugs* It came out nice. Anyway, I liked this one too and it got a great response. So, I decided to give it an additional whirl. Why not?

For this project, I got to use some more of the pages from the big book of everything that I used for my magnetic scrabble board. That book has a little some of everything in it and this time I used the pages with measurements and conversions. I, then wrote the lyrics to "Brikkhouse" on top of that, added big pink curls on top...and gold trim. Never tried that before, but it's nice. I think I'll do it again one day.

Here she is:

What ya'll think? If you're interested in purchasing this piece, she's available in the SYM Store.

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