RED: "Ms. Ann"

This day's color was RED. I did a quikk sketch and sort of just let this one come to me. I'm beyond pleased with the way it turned out. Actually, I got the best response for just the sneak peak of this one. Fab even less than halfway through:

All of that excitement got me more excited and I managed to finish it the same day. But before she was done, I got a message from a soror/friend/client that said not only that she wanted the painting, but also that it reminded her of her late grandmother. Huh? This sexy sultry bedroom eye givin' girl reminds you of who? Ummm....ok. So, I ask her to tell me about it and this is what she said: 

She taught us what we affectionately call "The Ann Chesterfield." When someone tries to put you down or make you feel like you are less than they are, you put on your highest heels, your reddest lipstick, and fix your hair. You strut in that place like you OWN it and dare someone to say otherwise.

*two snaps* Get 'em Ms. Ann. I just had to choose this name. It's so sweet that something that I did reminded someone else of someone special. I'm keeping the original this time. Actually might put it in my living room. However, I've gotten request to do this again in red and lots of other colors. I'll do it. Get my Andy Warhol on. 

Here she is in RED, Ms. Ann:

"Ms. Ann" 
Ms. Ann is currently available at the SYM1 store

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