GREEN: "Jelly"

I think she looks like Ciara. 
Here's her story: Soror/friend Tine sends me this pinterest link of this dude that collects rainbows...as she's noticing a theme in my new work. This one picture REALLY stood out to me.

I have no idea where it came from, but decided I would paint a version for myself. Eventually. But it was CALLING me. So it ended up a part of this project...in green. However, when I sketched it, it was weird. I started painting it anyway. I didn't like it. I flipped the canvas, from vertical to horizontal, then covered my original sketch and started over. I liked it...mostly.

Then a week or two later, after thinking I had completed it, I decided to change the lips. They were too thin. I saw two people with very thin lips kissing once and thought it must feel like kissing a cardboard box, while I, on the other hand, kissed a guy and said it felt like curling up in a warm mattress. See, that's why I had to change her lips. They need to be more of an invitation.

It's a lot different than I anticipated, but it still has some elements of the one I initially modeled it after. I like mine, but I still like the other one. I wonder where I can find it...and if I can afford it. Or where I could put it? I mean...is all the art in my home going to be of some woman's face? Ugh. I probably don't need it. lol.

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Anonymous said...

That Pinterest link inspired you! Awesome.

I like this green lady. You did a great job.