BLAKK: "Veronica"

As I mentioned on many other occasions, I really liked my "Vivica" piece (s). After much thought, I decided to make more Vivicas. But I also decided to make some that looked "like" Vivica, but without the ribbons. a twin. I guess for fun and not for a cause. I did this one, called "Wet Paint," mostly inspired by the Rihanna S&M video. I decided to call these Vivica look-a-likes Veronica. The name Veronica means "true image." It's based on the Bible story about the woman who gives Jesus a cloth to wash his face and when he hands it bakk, instead of just a smear of dirt, grime, or general dirtiness, it's a "true image" of Jesus' face. So, there isn't really a better name for a twin. I'm not sure how many I plan to do, but my guess is as many as are requested. I don't mind. This was my piece when the color of the day was BLAKK, but you can order a "Veronica" in any color you want.

I actually did this one on a white canvas. 

Chekk out "Veronica" and everything else in the SYM store.

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