Other People's Art: SoulCraft Productions

One day, I stumbled upon SoulCraft Productions on facebook and immediately found something I liked. Unfortunately, it had already sold. Womp and *sad face*

However, I spoke with Christie and she agreed to do something similar. About a week later, this came in the mail:

Initially, I was a little iffy, as I had planned to put this particular piece in a room that I had already pikked the colors for. I liked the painting...but I'm not big on having things and not having places to put them. That's...bakkwards. After sharing with Christie my iffy-ness, she asked if I would like to exchange it for another piece as she wanted me to be happy with what I had chosen. However, after actually putting the painting in the (unfinished) room along with the fabrics I had chosen, she looks great! I'm glad I decided to give her some time to grow on me...and into the house.

One day I'll have to do a full blog on my room makeover, but admittedly, I haven't gotten very far. Nothing to see here folks. It, as is everything in my life, seems to be a work in progress. i'm not complaining...just stating the facts.

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