I really procrastinated when it came to yellow. I didn't know how to do it. I wasn't sure I could effectively make a yellow painting. Then, because I had waited so long, I was out of white canvas. I had to use one of the blakk ones. That just made it harder. I was determined to try though. It was the last color I had left. So, I went for it.

The blakk canvas is really a lot more difficult to work with. At least with the lighter colors. I didn't consider this when I started, but it was just like when I was working on the shirts. Black really just EATS all the color. I was actually painting things twice or starting with a lighter color, like a primer, when I was painting black shirts. So, I used the same technique when covering this dark canvas. Paint it twice! It did the job.

This one looked a little scary to begin with. To me, it also looked like it didn't want to be all yellow. At least based on the initial picture I took.

It gave me a Spanish feel. I wanted to keep her face yellow. Give her dark hair. Wine colored lips and a big red flower in her hair. That's what I felt in the beginning. But I guess that determination came into play and for once I told a painting what I wanted it to be. My lil flamenco dancer will have to come later. Here's what how she turned out:

Decided to name her Dia. It was actually the bf's idea. I agreed because Dia means day in Spanish. What makes for a better day than sunshine? And what symbolizes sunshine better than a bright yellow sun? It works for me. This one reminds me of Toni Braxton. Maybe? She makes me a lil hungry too. I swear, I think everything reminds me of something edible. I need help.......and a snakk.

This piece is currently available in the SYM1 store.

P.S. Who knew mixing "black and yellow" made green(ish)? If I knew, I forgot. Oops.

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