BLUE: "8th and O"

I like that name. I just came up with that off top. To be honest, I hadn't even really given any thought to what I'd name the paintings until I considered that I'd have to write about it. So, they're just coming to me as I type. That was a good one. I am pleased.

This is actually the first painting I did in a monochromatic color scheme. I, for some reason, really wanted to do an octopus. I think I saw some apartment or home on HGTV with an octopus painting in the dining room. It was red. On a big white canvas. Shiny. I might be making this up, by the way, but it feels real though. Anyway, I had to do one. Actually, two. This is the second one. I still have to blog about the first. Here is where it started...

This is how it ended:

This is my octopus. "8th and O." I just wanted to type that again. You like?

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Sankofa said...

8 and o krackken. me likee