ORANGE: "He Knows"

I really like lions, both male and female. They are beautiful and fierce and strong. I LOVE watching them move.  They have great bodies. I saw some lady lions take down an elephant once on one of those animal channels. I almost cried. It was...mesmerizing, but disturbing and sad at the same time. I couldn't look away.

However, when they aren't viciously attacking other wildlife, the lions possess such a regal quality. They have such a powerful posture. Then when they are being quiet and surveying their kingdom, the males in particular seem to be looking much further and deeper than I've seen some humans ever look. I was looking for pictures with my friend "The Google" to get an inspiration for this piece and noticed how wise they all seemed. Like they had all the answers. I remembered Mufasa. We love him. Here's my interpretation of the king:

"He Knows" 

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