"Friday Night"

I don't really have much to say about this piece. I sat down one day with the desire to paint and this is the second canvas I was able to cover. I painted this one right after "Friday Night" (yesterday's post) which is why you can see some similarities. It used to be another painting, but I covered it with the black and gave it a new life. A better life. I deserve a medal.

Things I really love about this piece? Well, I used the black canvas again. It really made for a great bakkground. I loved it solid purple, but I was SURE it needed some leopard print. Her lipstikk is great and most importantly...I MURDERED that hair color. Completely slayed it! If color could be painted in...I'd be the girl for the job. It's wonderfully fluffy and the golden highlights in the front just look so nice with the rest of the colors I chose. I'm pleased. Fun way to work.  

Here she is "Friday Night" and apparently, ready to party: 

This is a one of one.
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@tishushu said...

Awesome piece! I love the contrasts between her hair colors and the blue dress! Amazing!