My Thoughts: What does it mean?

While at FLUX, I had a thought. Like everybody was doing these artists statements about what their art was supposed to mean. Like this:

And they were placed all along the street to let you know who did it and what it's supposed to mean. I think the purpose is to decided what you want to say at the beginning...but do you amend it after you're done. I mean, sometimes I'm going in one direction when I start painting, although I'm not always trying to say something, but when I'm done the piece has taken me in an entirely different direction. If you tell the art what it's going to say before it has an opportunity to say it, are you really giving it a chance to speak for itself? I have lots of friends in or that have been in art school, I'm sure one of them will tell me what it is and what they really think about this. I'm sure.

However, you can tell from my posts that even after finishing my own creations, I'm still trying to figure out what it says...how I feel about it...what is it saying to me. I think that's cool though. It's like I'm looking at it for the first time. Not like I actually created it...maybe just that it used me as a vessel and then I get to see it for what it is only after it's done. That's interesting. I wonder if God ever feels this way about us? If He ever sees us for the first time and tries to figure out how we got this way? What happened? lol. That's funny. Ok. Done.

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