PINK II: Pause for the Cause

Last year, in October,  I created a painting for a Breast Cancer Awareness event that was later auctioned off with the proceeds to go to cancer research. That painting is still one of my favorites. Her name is "Vivica." And normally, I don't reproduce my paintings, especially not in large quantities, but I couldn't get over the need to do this one again. So I did. Three times so far. My "Ode to Vivica" will be a two part blog. Here's the first one.

I wrote something in that previous blog about what the name Vivica means. Wanna read it? Here it go:

Vivir means to live in Spanish. Vivi is also at the center of the word "survive" in a few other languages. So, I called her Vivica, which has it's origins in German. It means...alive and war fortress. That's strong, right? ...Everyone doesn't survive their battle with cancer. Everyone does not choose to fight. But no matter what the choice, once you know...every decision, be it to fight or to live the best of what's left,  requires strength. That's what I wanted to show. I hope I captured that...(and the beauty of the bosom)...with this piece. 

I couldn't just let the painting "die," so I'm painting her again for whoever may want one.

Here's the original:

And here's another version done in all pink:

AND here's a pink bag I made too:

The bag and paintings are available for purchase in the SYM store.

This concludes my "Ode to Vivica" part I.

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