Big Numbers: Day 279 (for the love of boobs)

Every year, I'm with ya'll talking bout my boobs...and encouraging you to feel on yourself. I'm probably some type of closet freak. A very small closet. :o) Anywho, it's that time again...so grab a boob and get ready to see the piece I did for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

October 1st, marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm always participating in some type of event to help raise money. Last year, I did the the "All Pink Everything" fashion show. This year, I'm doing the "Touched by Art" fundraiser. My task was to create an art piece with a "pink" theme to be auctioned off during the event on Oct. 19th. Yes, I'm posting the flyer again:

I wasn't planning on showing you all what I had done until after the show, so I can tell you that my piece went for a gillion dollars, but I just couldn't help myself. Here she is:

260/1000 "Vivica" 
Oddly enough this didn't give me a hard time at all. Well, except for the ribbon. I painted it 4 times. Ended up choosing the simplest one. Go figure. For some reason or another I decided to do a red and pink color scheme. I kinda hate this color combo. I do. For no good reason. So, I did it as a challenge to myself. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I did it in the same style as some of my other pieces, but did the pink nipples for the occasion. That's a big move. I'm scared of pink nipples (and pink penis). Topped it off with the matching pink fro...and we're in business.

I named her "Vivica." Vivir means to live in Spanish. Vivi is also at the center of the word "survive" in a few other languages. So, I called her Vivica, which has it's origins in German. It means...alive and war fortress. That's strong, right? If I could have planned it before I pikked a name, I would have done the bakkground in BRIKKS! *screams and throws grenade* CANCER CAN'T HAVE ME....OR MY BOOBS!!!! *ok, bakk to serious voice* Everyone doesn't survive their battle with cancer. Everyone does not choose to fight. But no matter what the choice, once you know...every decision, be it to fight or to live the best of what's left,  requires strength. That's what I wanted to show. I hope I captured that...(and the beauty of the bosom)...with this piece. Let's see how she does at auction.

What do ya'll think? How do you feel about the pink nipples? Let SYM know.

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CheWithBlingOn said...

What's up Ms Mone. I like the painting. intitially when I saw the pink nipples, i was like wtf, but then I remembered Pink is the official color of breast cancer awareness month!