Big Numbers: What day is it (again)?? 152

Last time, or near last time I mentioned how much I LOVED the inkblots. I do. I think ya'll enjoyed them too. I got a great response. So I did a couple more. For fun. YAY!!! I used two different kinds of paint this time. I prefer the kind I used last week, but these are cool too. I also added some detail to the bakkgrounds this time. Here's what I did:

This one is clearly a man with dreads...praying...on the beach...at sunrise. If you don't see it, you're blind. :o)

85/365 and 182/1000 "Worship"

Aaaaand this one is another frog? Not a cute live one like last time. This is the frogs that come in the lil baggies that you have to chop up in biology class. Aww, poor froggy.

86/365 and 183/1000 "Frogger"
smh...didn't consider the implications of the title and him being a biology frog. Oops! 

And this last one is a little strange. It's the ghost of the Baby Phat cat after passing at age 93 looking at her reflection in a pond. #BOOM Or, it could be those "We are Siamese if you please" cats. They were kinda spooky huh?

87,87/365 and 184,185/1000 "Scaredy Cats"
 I see half a butterfly once it's rotated. I also saw snails in this one.

Ya'll like that don't you? I dug deep. Do you see anything different?

Final count for the day: 4. I'm currently @ who knows what...ummm...186/812/213 to go.


Babble's World said...

I sort of see the dread head praying on the beach

still thinking about the "frog" pictures (but the title Frogger reminds to play some Frogger today online)

Scaredy Cats- I see the snake from Jungle Book when he was doing his "trust in me" spell on Mowgli

ARTina said...

These are niiiiice...REAL niiiice!

SYM1 said...

Ashley, you still crazy.
Thanks Artina!