Big Numbers: Day 162 (Part III)

Ok. Last one for the day. My neighbor came over last weekend and I just happened to have some bags sitting in the living room which then turned into a conversation about my work. I ended up pulling out a couple more items so she could take a look and she says, "you have to tell people you do these things.If I didn't see those bags in the chair I never would have known." I get that a lot. It's always a weird statement to me, because I always figured it was one of those things you discuss when it's brought up. "What do you do for a living?" Then I say "I'm an artist...I do this this and this." I mean, I'm not sure what kind of work she does...so it's not like I was HIDING my talent, it just never came up. I've been accused of "not mentioning" it before, so I'm wondering how I'd do that when it's just not the natural order of the conversation. Am I weird like that? Or do ya'll find that to be an issue as well?

Anywho, she loves my totes and bought one on the spot and had me make three more. Dang, she was right. I should have mentioned it sooner. lol. I'm done with the last three now. I had fun making them and I'm excited to take them to her and see what she thinks.

193/1000 For her granddaughter who's 5.
 This one is my favorite, but it got me to thinking. Whose idea was it to teach us that giraffe's were yellow and orange? They aren't even CLOSE to that color. But I'm not really talking, I just continued with the lie. I will say though, I originally wanted to make it powder blue and purple. Can I get a pass?

194/1000 For her grandson who's 3. 

195/1000 For her sister who shall remain ageless
That was fun. Current count is 195/805/203 to go. Really? That's a lot of days. I still have a chance!


Babble's World said...

I love these bags, esp. the truck
and the giraffe is cute too.

I kind of wish you had have made him blue and purple and NOT just b/c purple was in it. I like to see animals that are drawn, painted, sketched, etc in colors other than what they're colored in real life. But, I also understand that you were painting a request.

SYM1 said...

But Ashley...giraffes aren't orange and yellow either.


Sankofa said...

It was toys r us and see and say.... lol those are really cute! i cant wait until i unveil my new project for u!