I'm up painting last night and the box I keep my brushes in is looking extra empty and I'm trying to do all these pieces without my favorites. I got up and looked in the usual places and nothing is there. *scratches head* And now I'm thinking, I need to buy more brushes, but ya'll know I'm not BUYING stuff. I'm annoyed. Then I remember...I need to clean up. I mean I do, but this is going to help me find my brushes. Do you know what I've been doing? Now that I have long hair again, I've been using my brushes to keep my hair out of my face.

I'm happy to have hair again. 

Then when I leave the house, I just pull them out because I don't feel like it's a great idea to be walking around with paintbrushes in my head. Needless to say, sometimes the brushes never make it bakk to where they should be. There are brushes in my car. Brushes in my bed. Brushes in my purse. In the kitchen. SMH. At least this makes me interesting, right?


Babble's World said...

my hair is growing too now and sometimes I pin it up for the shower. I pint (that word doesn't LOOK or SOUND correct for this sentence but I'm gon' make it work today and today only-read too lazy to look up the real word) it up one day, took the hair clip out while I was looking in the linen closet. I set the hair pin IN the closet and drove myself crazy the next time I needed it.

I have also sat my cell phone down and the tv turner in the linen closet and the pantry lol

SYM1 said...

Well, I think we all lose things sometimes...misplace them in strange places. I'm good for setting stuff down in the refrigerator and the spice cabinet...maybe the pantry. It happens.