Big Numbers: Day 153

I didn't do nearly as much as I would have liked today...and clearly that's completely normal. I have some things started for tomorrow already, so I suppose I'm in a good place.

I don't have much to say about these. They are what they are and they came straight out of my head. Not much to explain. Just look at the pictures. :D

89,90,91/365 and 186,187,188/1000 "Blossom"
I don't really think my photo taking skills does this one justice.
The colors are BRIGHT and beautiful.  Less pink. More red.

92,93/365 and 189,190/1000 "Proper Disposal of Previous Partner"
That's it for today. As always, both pieces are for sale. I always post to the blog first. So, ummm...who want one? :D Final count for the day...5. Which leaves me at 190/810/212. Hooray for progress?

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