Big Numbers: Day 168/169

I know I mentioned this before, but I have like...THIS MANY...blank unpainted items. They are stored in my BEDROOM. I want to reclaim my space. That and I have like 799 pieces left to make to complete my SYM1,000. Since the internet was giving me so many problems this week, I took the time out to work on some completely random stuff just for the sake of having something to do.

I painted these three bags. Practicing my patterns I guess.




The set. They look nice together.
If one of you have 3 little girls, these bags are a super cute idea.
 I'd be willing to add names. 

I also did a few pieces for the 36$5. I had intended to do 4 cupcakes. I got to 2 before I got bored. *shrugs* I love the freedom to do as I choose.

 94/365 and 200/1000 "Mojito"

95/365 and 201/1000 "Strawberry Lemonade" 

Then there's this.
96/365 and 202/1000 "Victory: Circles"

I saw some pretty art on etsy. It was literally just a bunch of circles. I liked it so I went for it. Based off memory of course. I don't think I got it right though, because it doesn't feel as pretty. BUT I love the colors. Makes me think of a FLY nursery. I'm going to try it again. Just because I'd like to make something very easy and ultra fly. I will not be outdone by a darn circle! HA!

Final count for this weekend 6. That makes current...well current at the time count...202/798/197 to go. Hmmm...Under 800 left. Hahahaha! That seems so ridiculous to me. Nonetheless, I have a pakk of onesies to paint and a few shirts. I'm cleaning my room now, so hopefully I can paint the night away. I am SO not moved by summer TV.

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