TPT: I'm Blessed

I'm just sitting at my computer, trying to encourage you all to BUY MORE STUFF and I get an IM on my facebook. That's normal. The message, however, was not.

My soror, who shall not be named, sent me a message to ask me how she could send me some money. *Praise Dance* I'm thinking she wants to BUY something, because people NEVER hit you up to do something for you, but she just wanted to sow into my business. To show her support. To help me out with some art supplies Now, it's one thing for a close friend to do it, but although me and this particular soror do speak on a somewhat regular basis, I would have never expected such a gift. I was moved. *thug tears* THEN she promised to buy something when she closed on her home. *throws confetti* I have lots of regular customers, and I appreciate them all, but there was something very special about her willingness to do this for me for absolutely nothing in return. I'm grateful, for not only the monetary support, but her kindness as well.

I wrote earlier this year that I was limiting/eliminating my shopping/spending. This includes personal shopping and SYM1 shopping too. Ya'll have got to understand how difficult this was/is for me. I shop. I like it. It gives me pleasure. Not just for clothes and shoes and accessories, but PAINT and anything else! Of course I have to buy paint and supplies to keep the business going, but I'm not buying anything I don't need. I haven't purchased anything since, maybe April. It's a struggle,  but thank God I still have my groceries. When you make a purchase, that money is used to pay bills and buy gas and all the regular things you do when you get paid. However, THIS money came with specific instructions, so I went and bought supplies. I was so excited and I wanted to make sure she got her money's worth! lol.

Here's all the stuff I bought:

4 8x8 gallery wrapped canvases (Bought 3 got 1 free)
2 big tubes of acrylic paint (These were my deal of the day. I got them on clearance for about 60% off.)
1 3pk of canvas boards
1 tote bag
1 bottle of fabric paint (The first one since 2010. I actually ran out of white paint.)
1 Tie Dye Kit (I got this for 70% off!!! I'm so excited about this. Mommy is too. I've never done it before.)


***But it's been 3 days since I went shopping. I realized, I don't need that blue tote. I had one already. I don't want those canvas boards. AND I got two really great coupons from the craft store, so I'm taking those things bakk and using the money to buy a BIG canvas.***

Soror, I appreciate you so much. Thank you for your awesome gift and for believing in me. I can't begin to express to you what that particular act of kindness has meant to me. God bless you!

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