Big Numbers: Day 162 (Part II)

So, I'm dividing this up because, I'm trying something different. The pieces that I've completed over the weekend have nothing to do with each other, so I thought I'd try grouping. I'm not sure if that makes anything worse or better, but it's worth a try. Also, I finished things on Friday (160) and Saturday (161) I'm writing today (162) and I may or may not finish something tonight. See, it's just too many numbers. lol. It's a lot to make three posts in one day, but now I can say I did it. :o)

I started this painting a while bakk. This gallery I was trying to put my stuff in had a show about animal spirits. I'm like wtf is that? I didn't dig deep at all. I didn't get it. If you've been following my works, you should know that I love koi and peacokks. I paint them a lot. So, I decided to try a fish. After painting the blue bakkgroud I was just like NO! I put the canvas over in a corner and just called it quits. It's been about three months and I finally...well the painting decided that it wanted to be finished.

Here's what happened:

192/1000 "Sasha Fish"
It came out better than I thought. And I had fun doing it. I'm actually a little found of her. I tried the glossy finish on the bubbles again.  YAY! Anybody else notice I'm almost @ 200? Which means I'm nearing 1/5 of my goal and 1/2 the year is gone. TRAGEDY. *falls out*

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Sankofa said...

lol forever at the pun... Sasha Fish... Sasha Fierce.... lol