Big Numbers: Day 162 (Part 1)

I'm not sure if I remember a time in my life that I didn't have a piggy bank. I do know that I've never had one shaped like a pig. Whatever the shape may be, I support the piggy bank. I know some of you are far too grown and save ALL your money in a bank, but I've been in enough situations to know that having $50-60 worth of change in your immediate reach is a LIFE SAVER!

I think the piggy bank is a trendy item again and I bought this little one at the store with full intent to join in! He's been a pale green miniature monstrosity sitting on my shelf for over a year waiting for me to finally get around to giving him a SYM1 special. Now....

"Warrior Pig" 191/1000

It's a little harder to paint something that's not flat. No one told me. *shrugs* I had fun. And I don't have anymore piggies. I must suffer until someone requests one and I can buy more (I couldn't hint harder if I tried). I'm guessing, this piggy could hold about $5 worth of pennies or $25-40 if you throw in some dimes and quarters. However, I'm no expert at those "guess how much games" BUT you could always have him shipped to your house to fill him up and find out.

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