A normal day in my inbox or comment section on my photos would include at least one message with a question similar to this:

Hey SYM, I'm an avid fan of the group “monkeys & margaritas.” I would really like to get a shirt with their logo on it, but I haven't seen one on your pages. Do you make those? -Ashley (b/c it's always Ashley)

Now, for starters, I'm always here thinking...I don't even know what that is, why would I have a shirt about it. However, the bottom line is, if you don't see it, it's only because nobody has ordered it yet. I'm not discriminating against your organization, band, or favorite flavor of ice cream, but 90% of my products are made to order. If you can think it up, (“monkeys & margaritas” or “pom poms and rose petals”) I can make it, but if you plan to wait for random things such as these to occur, they may never come into existence. There's no point in making things I can't sell, wear, or give away. So, if you're feeling outlandish, or if you want something that's rare, or (more) unique than what I normally have available. Don't be afraid. Just order it, so you can have it first.


Q. Monique said...

i'm lookin for a cheesewheel riding a monkey who has 5 toes between its two feet, wearing a pair of ray-ban sunglasses...AND is or is not a member of a made up sorority...



SYM1 said...

I had to read it about 5 times, but I can do that too! :o)