Big Numbers: Day 88, CHUKKS!!!

It's currently day 89. I'll post again tonight, but I wanted this to have a separate post.

I have a gentle love for Chukk's. I'm no fanatic, but I very well may be on my way. They are pretty much the only shoe I can find in an endless array of colors. The sizing is forgiving. I have 4 pairs all different sizes! They are inexpensive and classic. What's not to love?

I went to an event called Art+Sole+Life bakk in October and I posted some of the shoes I liked from the event bakk on my fb page. An almost cousin friend of mine saw a pair she liked and then I was put to work. Here's what happend:

Just in time for summer? That's not what it says outside the window, but still. 

If slow and steady wins the race, I'm IN there. Final count for the day 1. 128 pieces down and 277 days to go!


Sankofa said...

SYMoes!!! love em!

Anonymous said...

HOW can I buy these!!!

SYM1 said...

@Davie, shoot me an email...miss.sym1@gmail.com