Big Numbers: What day is it?

Maaaaan...is this the part where God laughs at your plans? I don't even know what day I'm on. I'll figure it out again when I actually do something new...or at the end of the post, just to ensure I end it properly. I was recently without a proper internet connection or a sufficient place to think, which proves to be mildly tragic when ones desire is to KEEP WORKING. Whatever the case may be, I NEEDED the break.

I successfully painted six 5x7s. All on the same night, which shows how well I've been working. *str8 face* My current plan is to go into hiding again, but inside my own house until I get myself bakk on course. That probably won't work, but I'll do the best I can. I'm excited to be bakk in my element and I'm even more excited about the things I was able to think up, but have yet to get started on. Here's what I did do (in no particular order, because I don't remember):

63/365 and 106/1000 "Fighting Gnome" 
This was a product of an original vision gone awry. I tried to convince mommy that I saw a garden gnome, she wasn't buying it. *shrugs* I tried.

64/365 and 107/1000 "The Fish" 
This was inspired by a logo I saw on a seafood delivery trukk. I thought it was NICE! So I remembered it and made this.

65/365 and 108/1000 "Platypus at Prom" 
I was going for peacokk here, but when I look at it all I could think of was the platypuses from Mr. Rogers. Are you laughing at me? It's ok. But look, so the platypus got all dressed up...and maybe the theme was masquerade and she dressed up as a pink peacokk. I'm imaginative. Let me live!

65/365 and 109/1000 "The Scorpion"
Well, I was going for a zodiac theme...originally. I like this one. Keeping it simple.

66/365 and 110/1000 "Ladybug" 
Then, I couldn't remember all the signs, or what exactly I thought a goat looked like...and so I made a ladybug. I know what I think those look like.

67/365 and 111/1000 "Dragonfly" 
These go well with ladybugs right? All I'm missing is a butterfly.  Maybe I'll get to that.

Anywho, this was last week. HA! THIS week...I'm trying. Say a prayer for me. Energy, productivity and the frikkin WILL to keep going. Oh and a fire up under my ass. Amen. :o) Ok, so...ummm...111 down. 889 pieces (ouch) and 284 days to go. If you need me, I'll be HIDING in the paint room!

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