Big Numbers: Day 63

Hello there readers! On the winning scale...today has been about a six. I started things. I finished things. I finally made that list! I hope I remembered everything.

I'm working on a few pieces at once right now...because...I can? *shrugs* Lots and LOTS of shirts and such. So, I've got the paintings on mini hold. I'm trying to keep up with the 5x7s though. I completed 4 today.

The first is a set of 3. No particular inspiration here. I think I had considered, while making the lines, that it could be a maze, but there's no way out, hence the title.

91,92,93/1000 and 50,51,52/365 "LOST"

The last one is simple. I was going to do it in blakk and yellow as a tribute to my dearly departed Russelina that lived in the front yard, but I'm low on yellow paint and I NEED it for this order I'm working on. lol. Red ended up being a better choice.

53/365 and 94/1000 "Judy" 

Final count for the day 4. 94 pieces down. 906 pieces and 302 days to go! I got this...don't I?


Laila said...

Beautiful. Yeah you are on team #winning. ;-)

Sankofa said...

like the pac-man maze. good work

SYM1 said...

@Laila, thanks

@Sankofa YES! It made me think of Pac man too.