Big Numbers: Day 62

I'm really ALL out of practice. I had finally gotten to a place where I could at least get the numbers right. I'm workin on getting it bakk together. The fact that I can't do it quikkly frustrates me! So much to do. Did I mention I need to make a list? I do. I don't want to lose anything. I've got such great ideas stuffed in my head...and I can't even pretend to begin on them until after I knokk out some of these orders and get caught up with my 36$5 project. Let's see.

Today was a busy day. Lots of errands. I made a scrapbook for my graduate chapter of my sorority. I worked on it for three days. I counted it as 3 pieces. As soon as I get my hands on it to take photos, I'll blog about it. I was slightly delirious when I handed it over. I pulled an all nighter to get it done. But get this. I returned the items that I didn't use today. I got 76% of the money bakk! I am so proud of my saving skills. I was dancing while she was ringing it up. #WIN

I also dropped off two of my pieces at MINT Gallery today. They are hosting an art benefit for trashwater on...well tonight. It's to help raise money for their initiatives in Nicaragua. Clean water for everybody! First time my art will be on display in a gallery type setting. Eh...I'm working on the part where I am joyful about how that was made possible with little to no additional effort on my part. I'm struggling with that part of me that is hard on me. The two of us are frequently at odds. I wanted to do something new. This is probably me pouting. 

Anyway, I did some starting today. I will work on finishing tomorrow. Here's what I completed today. I did another set. trying to help myself catch up. I made it to fit together as one big piece, but it looks cute even if you spin the pieces around. I cannot think of a title. See if you can come up with anything. No nameless artwork allowed here. ***UPDATE*** It's morning. I'm awake. I named it what it made me think of. Nothing fancy or deep here. Still a #WIN though, because fruit stripes gum was GREAT! Do they still make it?

89,90/1000 and 48,49/365 "YIPES! Stripes!"

89,90/1000 and 48,49/365 "YIPES! Stripes!"

Final count for the day 2. 90 down. 910 pieces and 303 days to go! I'm exhausted. Fell asleep mid-type. 

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Sankofa said...

Yipes Stripes Fruit Strip gum!