Big Numbers: Day 64

*cabbage patches* I have reached my goal for the day. It's still early, but I have plans this evening so I wanted to try to do everything before I made moves. I even have a few minutes to relax before I go, so this post will not be long, as to ensure that those few minutes remain my own.

The first of the two 5x7s I completed today actually makes me think of a man in a book I read. It doesn't come with pictures, so when I envisioned him in my head...no, that's not right. I'm not sure he had a face in my head, but when I was done with the painting I decided that if I had chosen to imagine his face. It would look like this. I'm not even sure it looks like anything described from the book. Oh well. It made me think of him. This is MY imagination and it does what it wants.

97/1000 and 54/365 "Arveyda"
Actually, now that I look at it again...I see....

20 somethin Steven Tyler  OWWW

I really enjoy painting these faces and truth be told they work out really nicely when I don't have a lot of time to paint. So, I did two! (Still playing catch up!) This one also reminds me of a boy, though that's hardly ever my intent. This guy is younger though. I won't tell you the whole story, because I like for you to make them up for yourself...or....are ya'll really interested in what I see in these pictures? Hmmm...what works for you? Am I doing you a disservice by giving you the answers? Or rather, MY answer. Speak up! What say you?

98/1000 and 55/365 "Billy Badass"

I like frekkles ya'll. I'm sure I hadn't mentioned that before. Now you know.

Final count for the day 4. 98 down. 902 pieces and 301 days to go!

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