Big Numbers: Day 67-68

I painted yesterday, but I passed out before I typed the blog. Then, I passed out a few times midday. You know, this all nighter thing doesn't work much post-college. Actually, it didn't work much then. I was prone to hour long naps. Thank God for alarm clokks. Last night, I took a five hour nap. It did me NO good. Now, I'm up from my late night nap and posting early. 

Last night. I scribbled. I wasn't ready to stop, but I was starting to feel like I was wasting paint. OH! Speaking of paint, I just purchased my first bottle of fabric paint this year, though I've thrown away at least 10! #BOOM I consider that a win. Ok, bakk to the 36$5. Here they are.

61/365 and 104/1000 "Ummm, I see a bunny?"

62/365 and 105/1000 "FOCUS" 

This was fun. I prefer scribbling with pencil and pen on paper, like in class or *whispers* church. My notes are generally very decorative and it keeps me from sleeping. Anywho, I haven't started my 5x7s yet, I may or may not finish them. I'm working on an order. However, if I do get to them, I'll count them tomorrow. I'm almost caught up! WOOP! Today's (and yesterday's) final count...6. 105 down...895 pieces...and 297 days to go!

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Tine said...

I like the eyeball!