Big Numbers: Day 59

Maaaaaaan....it's been FOREVER! Two whole weeks without paint. It was a rough one too. Today I got bakk to work and finally made some things happen. Not only did I paint, but I cleaned some of my e-space and I managed to THINK some great things. I must put them into action soon. Actually, I should probably write them down first. As I mentioned before, my mind is very busy, so things sometimes get lost in there.

14 days without paint means I'm 14 5x7s behind. I thought a good way to catch up would be to paint a few sets.  Today, I did a 3 piece. It was fun! I LOVE it. I'm sad to see it go, because I am sure it will and fast!

45,46,47/365 and 84,85,86/1000 "Blowin' Smoke"

I also painted this cute cupcake for one of my clients...his favorite. It's actually the SYM version of the strawberries and cream cupcake from CamiCakes. I visited CamiCakes for the first time last month and actually tried this cupcake. I think that makes it kind of special. The pink C* was his idea, but I think it looks nice.

87/1000 "C is for Cupcake"

Needless to say...two weeks without paint puts me WAY behind. Trying not to beat myself up about it. Not because I feel I could have done something, but because this is a big setbakk for my goal. However, this doesn't make it impossible. Today's final count is 5. 88 down...912 pieces and 306 days to go. *Jazze Pha voice* Oh Boy!

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