Big Numbers: Day 85

Today was terribly uneventful. It rained. I wish I had decided to add new recipes to my SYM1,000. I'm sure I'd be much further ahead. I really enjoy cooking. Dinner was delicious....and so was breakfast. I guess I'm just good at making things. I hope that holds true when it's time for babies. :D Eh, no time soon.

So, I messed up another shirt. I'm not sure I can repair it and it's not my size. I believe I will be taking an L. I did finish 2 5x7s though. Still in my sunshiny summer mood. I guess. Here goes.

70/365 and 121/1000 "Scoops"

71/365 and 122/1000 "Rays of Rhythm"
Ya'll like my tie dye looking bakkground? My shirt boards. I'm not very messy, so I don't have any (excessively) splattered clothing to wear as a part of my "I am an artist" wardrobe. JUST thought that maybe I should tape a white shirt to a shirt board for a week. I could have a very colorful piece by then. It's an idea. No shirts my size though, so it's just an idea.

Final count for the day is 2. 122 pieces and 280 days to go. 

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