TPT: Stars+Rocks

So, last Tuesday I only wrote one post. It's been a rough week, ya'll. ROUGH, but I'm still here. Hopefully I will get to two posts today, I just have to paint something, which may or may not happen. I do have a BIG project I'm working on right now. I'm thinking I'm going to count it as three pieces. That's the amount of time and headache it will cause. So, yep. It's been decided.

When I decided to Be the Change and stay out of the store to support other hand crafters bakk in December, I made a purchase from Stars+Rocks too. I was partnered with Stars+Rocks for some time as Jazmine was responsible for making all the jewelry I sold over the last few years. She recently went off to serve our country in the army, so I tried to help clear up her inventory before she made the move. Here's what I bought:

OOPS! I forgot a pair of earrings! I haven't worn them yet. 

I've really had a Stars+Rocks weekend. I wore that big chunky nekklace w/ the spider bracelet to Finer Womanhood Sunday with the sorors. I would have taken a picture, but I was too cute and too late when I left. I don't like the after a few hours photos. They don't seem fresh. Just know I rokked it. Yesterday, I wore half of the lokk and key earrings. Just the lokk. I rokked SYM1 Yesterday too!

Oh and ya'll know I love peacokks! I wore those earrings...well one of them to lunch with the sorors last month right after the snow storm. With my RED lipstikk! #BOOM

You can chekk out more of the sparkly flyness from Stars+Rokks at the Etsy store. Only bad news is the store isn't open right now, since Jazmine is away and all. The store will reopen in June and I'll repost this so you all will know how to get more faaaaabulous jewels.

P.S. I still haven't purchased anything other than cosmetics from the store. I did, however, go to Macy's yesterday. I used a gift card though. Two months...no shopping. I'm amazed that I'm still here.

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