Big Numbers: Day 315

This one is short. Promise. I had an order for baby stuff. I made it and some extra. Here it is:





Cute, huh?

In other news, shopping for clothes has really been a testament to how much I haven't been painting them (and how much I haven't been shopping in general). I used to know where to get everything, an alternate place if the first one didn't work out, and price for each of those places. If there was a coupon, I knew where to get it. Well, those days seem to be gone. Things that used to come in 5 pakks now come in 4 pakks. The price is different. Higher. There are no more coupons. If people don't shop on a regular basis, these are things they may not notice. For someone like me, that shops every week for the same exact items, I have witnessed the change. It's not pretty. The recession is real...or at least the tactics to make us think it's real are real! I need to readjust my prices. It's sad. The consumer always takes the L. How do you win? *le sigh* That was my sad note for the month. I guess. My onesies are cute though, right? 

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