Big Numbers: Day 314

I might still be on my Rihanna thing. *Hi, Rihanna.* I think I worked on these two paintings (today's and tomorrow's) around the same time. The numbers say, one after the other, but that might be a lie. I'll explain that tomorrow. Stay tuned. It will be in depth and interesting. Not really, but read it anyway, because it'll include pretty pictures and stuff.

I was sketching with no idea what I hoped to accomplish. Decided it looked like a pin up girl. I googled. I was right. I added some clothes...that were in a similar shape to the outfit Rihanna wore in the S&M video. I made it a two piece. I noticed a lot of the pin up photos had an all American feel, so I changed the colors. Added jewels. Leopard print belt! Yellow bakkground...just because I wanted to. This is what happened:

268/1000 "Bossy"
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas

It makes me feel just like the title. She has this "I'm fly and I know it" attitude with her hands on her hips daring you to disagree. I decided that she's at the beach. We can't see her feet, but I KNOW she's rokkin some six inch heels. We see these chikks all the time. They're all dressed up at the most inappropriate places.Who's rokkin six inch heels at the beach? This chikk!!! And it's weird, because you want to be mad, but you can't because, well, she's cute. And she can't walk, but she looks damn good. Maybe it's a photo shoot? We can pretend.

I just decided that it would really be cool to change the artwork in my home to match each season. People do it. Rich people that can afford two whole sets of furniture do it. I can pretend. She'd be one of my summer pieces. AND I want this outfit. I'm going to make more as soon as I figure out where she needs to go. Kinda like Wendy's wig head Shekeetha...or however it's spelled.

I did this little piece too. Scribbling. For fun. I'm digging the title and I'd like to report that most of my paints have NO FUMES.

269/1000 and 103/365 "Valentines and Paint Fumes" 

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