Big Numbers: Day 317 (80's baby)

Can I be honest? This was the worst fun ever! One of my regulars sent in an order for a birthday ensemble. It was rather detailed. And it came with a list of 60 items she wanted me to include. WTFORNICATE?! The set was supposed to highlight great things from the 80's (90's). The idea was cool. The request was...making me sleepy. Since I'm being honest, I'm going to tell you that it took me FOREVER to complete. I'm also going to tell you it's not because I was working on it all the time. I wasn't. It was really just a lot to takkle at once.

I hooked up with my friend google to find each and every thing on that list. THAT was fun. Nostalgic. The moment when you see something you hadn't even thought about since you were six, and then to find out they still make it, just makes you feel good. I did that. Then I went through and highlighted all the things I thought I could include, since I knew from the jump, I couldn't get all sixty items on there. The bag was first to get the SYM1 treatment. I did the front, decided it wasn't enough. So, I did the bakk too. Then thought, what the hell, and painted the straps. Now, it's completely covered in my childhood. Chekk it out:

I put so much paint on it it can stand up on it's own. HA!

Yep, I was made in the 80s too. So, I just incorporated my logo into the design. 

Since I'm being honest, this was so fun, I never want to do it again. lol. Don't ask me, unless you're ready to pay. A lot.

The shirt didn't take as long. It should have. The logos were originally supposed to go here. I got all confused in my creating, but I think it worked out for the best. With the shirt completely covered in art, which she originally asked for, it would have been really uncomfortable to wear. The paint isn't exactly something you want to rub up against...except when I make the lil nubbies. Those are fun to rub on. Anyway, she's a leo, so I went with the BIG lion face. I did the bakkground to match the design on the bag. Lots of birght colors. The face actually looks like fire or the sun, which is pretty cool, since leo is a fire sign and I think she said it's ruled by the sun. Something like that. It was on the list. I added some of her personal info into the actual design. It blends real nice. I am really happy with the way this turned out.


Then, since it's taken me an extraordinarily long time to complete this, I decided she deserved a gift. She's been very patient with me as I've taken all the time I needed on her order. I'm sure she'll like this. Shoot, EYE like it. Here's the gift:

"Tomorrow's Yesterday"
Yes, I finished the gift before I finished the order. SO!

*whew* That wore me out. I'm thrilled to be done! Not because I didn't like it, just because...sometimes, you're just working on something far too long. At some point, all you want is to be done. Now I am and I'm glad I took my time. I really like it. Go ahead, tell me how cool it is.


Sankofa said...

it's not cool. its some word that i don't know... I guess i shouldnt have given u a exact hard task... but you beyond pulled it off! i think i will wear it on Christmas! idk i am so excited!!! this is the best ever and no one else will have one... bwah ha ha haaaa and that sankofa pic?!?!?! sweeeeet! Thank you very much! God Bless you!!! ps Hi SYMommy! i got something 4 her...and you!

ARTina said...

Did it on 'em. You amaze me.