Big Numbers: Day 313

Ok. So, I didn't complete any of this work on any of these days, but this is going to make this easier for all of us. Well, easier for me and that's what counts. I have been working on some new stuff. I haven't been posting...for no good reason. Well, now I am. Pay attention.

I liked "Vivica." I liked her a lot. I was sad to see her go. So, I decided to make another chikk that looked like her. Same body. Same pose. Same color hair (and nipples). New hair style. New bakkground. New name. Here she is:

"Wet Paint"
Acrylic on Canvas

**I took lots of pictures of this. This happened to be the one w/ the best representation of the colors. It's also the only one with my hand in it. Go figure. -__-

If you didn't know, I absolutely LOVE the Rihanna S&M video. LOVE LOVE LOVE. All the colors and just...everything. It was like a big PARTY inside a candy jar...naked. I love it. It just makes me want to dance and throw glitter and eat cupcakes. Oddly enough, it doesn't make me want to be tied up or spanked...or even have sex. *shrugs* Whatever. I wish I had considered putting ropes on her wrists when I started, but I think the title goes w/ the theme.

I watched the video before I painted this. That's where the big yellow dots and the green and white stripes come from. I pikked the colors from Rihanna's shoes in that scene. I tried to go with the red hair, but it just wasn't working for me. I stukk with the pink. There's a lot going on here. I like it.  If I had a special closet for daytime painties or bikinis, that's where I would hang this.What y'all think?

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