I don't miss greek stuff. Not even a little. I do miss not knowing what to do. I feel like...in giving that up, I've essentially had to start over from scratch. I was supposed to be taking this year to find my artistic voice. I'm not sure if a year was long enough.

Imagine being born again, with all your memories from this life. Except the next time, you're born in another country. You remember how to talk, and you try, but nobody speaks the language. Everything you thought you knew is different. It's like having a wealth of useless knowledge. You have a little experience, but it's starting to feel a little irrelevant. Some days, that's just how I feel. I have chosen to give up what I know to do something new and all the previous knowledge I had isn't really helping with what I'm trying to do now. I'm sure it's helped with the transition, but when you're starting from scratch, a little help doesn't always seem like much. I am having fun, but a little progress would be great for team morale.


Every time I see this, I think...it couldn't be more true. I don't feel like I'm going to fail, but I can't see the end just yet. I'm still confident in my decision though. :o) I'm happier.

Keepin' it movin in the direction that may be forward.


Sankofa said...

I have faith in you. you will find what you are looking for. i love the works you did this year! you are great... don't forget that!

Robert said...

I'm with you, homie.