Halloween 2011: Whoa der...


Yep, they're STILL letting me paint people. This year I was bakk at the North Georgia Premium Outlets for their annual "Trick or Treat" event. I took the mommy with me this time. She didn't help...but she did shout instructions at me so she could pretend like she did.

I had LOTS of fun! There were a lot more kids this year than last year. I didn't take pictures of any of them...and mommy was too busy trying to get me to NOT paint her face, that she didn't do it either. However, her plan was ineffective. I don't have a bukket with a list on it, but I have been trying to get my mom to let me paint her face (whole head) for at least a year. I was like, "why not?" I figured...you have all this lovely bald chemo head, let me paint it. :o) She said no. Repeatedly. Until today!!! *booty pops* I have made it happen. She whined and yelled the whole time. She fussed. She screamed. She even left in the middle of my art. But I have made it happen. *bankhead bounce*

I feel so....accomplished. I had been trying hard. So hard.
And you BETTER NOT tell her I showed you!!!

That made my day! Last year, I went as a "Spring Fairy." I spent $5. Clikk the link to see the photos. I mentioned, in that post, that I had purchased the makings of a cowboy costume. What I meant was that I bought a cowboy hat from Dollar Tree for later use. I used it today. I spent no additional money. So, today's costume was $1...or FREE, depending on how you look at it. I'm not a fan of mommy's photography skills. I think it's usually because I have to talk her through the whole thing, but here I am:

Giddy up! 
My regular jeans. Mommy's work shirt. My nightly scarf. My $1 hat. Some very old boots. Oh and a belt that came with a skirt. It has a big bukkle that you can't see. Womp. Anywho, I'm way happier than I look. Promise. I had such a good time. Until next year...well, at least the costume part. I'd be happy to do this at a party. I did give someone my card today. :D


Sankofa said...

nice fit! and mommy looks nice! go mommy for the peacock paint!

Anonymous said...

Cute,you put it together well !!!

BioplarGemini said...
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Trice said...

Yaaay! I love Mommy's face!