TPT: SYM1 Did It!!!

Last week, I mentioned that my soror/friend/photographer R.Moon came by to capture my hotness with her camera. We had a chance to talk, which is always fun. But during her visit, Moon told me something so completely awesome it made portions of my life better. I started on this 36$5 Project to not only try to be more consistent with production, but I was really seeking my artistic voice. I wanted to be sure that what I was producing looked like me. I wanted to be sure that no matter what I did, you'd always know I did it, even if you couldn't see my signature. I wasn't sure I was doing that in some of my other work and it was just murdering me. Well Miss Moon comes over and she's looking through some of the pieces that have yet to be adopted and says, "I'd know your work ANYWHERE" and she starts pointing out all the little things that she thinks are consistently and uniquely mine. And I'm doing like a silent praise dance, because I thought nobody cared. *sniffle* Some of my choices are VERY deliberate and others are purely coincidence, but she noticed quite a few. That made me happy. Although I haven't been as consistent as I originally planned, even without producing multiple pieces per day, I have made my way to discovering what my artistic voice is. Yay!

Oh, and do not doubt that you will have the opportunity to purchase 1 of 365 of my pieces that will sell for only $5. I'm going to finish! Trust. lol. This SYM1,000 is a just a tad bit more formidable. Still....I got this!

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