Big Numbers: Day 110 Pt. 2

I wanted to give all the artwork its special time with SYM. Who else will give your product its own special birth story and send off? :D

To be honest, Julez and I have been talking about this piece for a long time. What began as talks about a t-shirt, somehow turned to a canvas of an Outkast-esque, naked women (emphasis on nipples), absent of pink. That was pretty much all the details he gave, except this order included photos of nipples that he favored, just to make sure I knew what he was going to like. This is my life. These are my friends. I am blessed.

After chekking out the album art for Outkast and some other photos of brown bodied afro rokkin beauties, I got to work. I ended up choosing the same colors from "Dwell" in this piece too. I wonder if it was because I painted them simultaneously? Coincidentally, these are also the same colors as the first piece I did for Julez. I added a little purple (for extra SYM) and I did a high gloss finish over her body, because one cannot be naked and not well oiled. Yep, I thought of everything and probably a little extra. Maybe. Not really. Probably. I've done the high gloss finish before, like on "Blowin Bubbles" on Day 84, but decided with this one that I may have to do it on EVERY piece. It's a fun technique and you can't really grasp it's greatness via photograph, but that just fuels my hopes that many of you will take these pieces home and enjoy the contrast in person.

So, without further ado...let's meet her...

151/1000 "Umami" 
Have ya'll seen the Kikkoman commercials? Where they say "Umami" is Japanese for delicious? Well, yesterday, soror/friend/photographer R.Moon comes by to photograph my legs, cuz they're HOT, and I'm working on this piece while she's snapping photos and we're discussing all the delicious delectables her (Umami's, not Moon's) boobies resemble. Came up with eggplant, mushrooms and cotton candy. So that's how she was named. Because...well...Delicious (Deelishus?) is...soo.... poledancerkissinflavorflavinthemouthish. Umami is more exotic, yet equally tasty. (Julez please do not likk her, there is a WARNING label on the paint bottle!)

Numbers the same as last post.


unodostrice said...

leave it to julius to send pix of nipples. smh/lmao! love her!

SYM1 said...

He's crazy girl. lol.

shep8 said...

Why yall mad I knew what nipples i wanted?

SYM1 said...

Who mad? lol.