Big Numbers: Day 137

Guess who's bizzakk? I've been counting down from three orders for FOREVER, but I'm finally done and I can't begin to express how excited I am about that. I've been keeping myself from actually doing some of the things I wanted to do in order to get these things done and now that all of them are behind me (after this ever thrilling trip to USPS) I can get to work on what makes ME feel good. *throws confetti*

I only have one piece to show for today. I think this is the longest it's EVER taken me to finish one item. I actually only worked on it 5 or 6 days, but it did occupy a lot of thought time over the course of many weeks. I originally started when I first got the order and the drawing I did was HIDEOUS. It was exhibiting diva behavior, so I got mad at it and just put it off to the side.  Ultimately,  I decided I wanted to work on it in peace and with nothing else on my plate. I think it made a big difference. I still didn't do what was originally requested, so I really hope he likes it, because he hasn't seen it yet. I think I've explained this in another blog post (I really must work on labeling these things), but sometimes things don't want to be what you want them to be...and this vest put up a helluva fight. However, I'm happy about the way it came out. I remembered to do a step by step for this one. So here goes!

In the beginning....

3-4 coats of blue

Added the white to eyes and teeth. 2 coats of white.

The scribble makes it look like his head is on fire. EEK!

So, here's the change/addition I made. SMASH HANDS! 

I have no idea if this is different than the previous one. It may not be. 


FINISHED!!! 168/1000

Final count for the day 1. 168/832/228 to go. Beast mode for the next 3 days. Then we'll see what happens after that.


Louis Brown III said...

Thats hot Sym!

SYM1 said...

Look who's minding my business! Thanks Brudder.