Big Numbers: Day 146

This is really from yesterday. I fell asleep DURING the game, so ya'll know I was pooped after I managed to catch that HEAT win!!! I went straight to bed. But I'm not going to finish anything today. I'm busy taking care of home. So here's what I did:

85,86/365 and 182,183/1000 "Blokked at Sunset"

85,86/365 and 182,183/1000 "Blokked at Sunset"

I LOVE the colors. I just wanted to do something very organic. I see some really cool patterns on summer dresses and they seem very....free, so I tried it here. I really wish I had done this on maybe 5 panels. I think it would have been much better if I could have extended the colors a little further. I will do another. With the five panels. Because I can. Final count for the day...2. That puts me at...183/817/219 to go. Woop! (Not really).

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