Big Numbers: Day 125

Hey ya'll. I'm still here. I've been painting daily. Still trying to get these orders out the way. I know you're like, but "SYM, you paint all this other stuff, why aren't you done with the orders yet? I mean, you only had 4 left THREE days ago." Well, it's no secret that I take orders for money, but what you may have missed is that I paint for fun. I paint stuff for fun in between my orders so that I can remember that I am enjoying myself. Sometimes I don't NEED to, sometimes I HAVE to. I suppose it's one of those I have to times. Not because my orders are particularly uninteresting this time, because that's not the case. It's just imperative that I try to enjoy myself a little right now. When I'm busy, it's usually something small that I can complete fairly quikkly, which explains why I've posted like 8 onesies in the last 2 posts. It's helping. I suppose. It also helps my numbers. :o) BIBS coming soon!

Remember when I told you that I had all these blank items in the bakk that I wanted to paint? Well, I just painted the last onesies!!! Woop!!! I'm considering selling custom ones as sets from now on. I'll have word on that soon. I don't have the energy to think on it right now. So here's what I did:





164/1000 (front)

164/1000 (bakk)

I should be able to do another post soon. I HAVE to get the rest of these items done by Monday. Then I'm painting from my head. This could be epic! lol. Ok. so 3/3/3 and 164/836/240!


Sankofa said...

cute onesies... one day there will be my little one rockin SYM1... no time soon though. oh love the pink ribbon bag too. Keep movin fwd sym!!!

Sylvia said...

sym...I love the onesies and need to order some of them along with that pink butterfly bag as well. email me the prices please!

SYM1 said...

Thanks Ladies!