Big Numbers: Day 122

I haven't painted in a few days. I was off handling family business, but I did manage to finish a few pieces last week that I never posted. As usual, my plan was foiled. I'm feeling like Pinky and The Brain. However, tomorrow I will make yet another attempt at world coloration...and decoration, eventually resulting in domination.

Oh, I do have a cool update though. It's the 5th month of the year. I haven't purchased a single bottle of fabric paint. Just as promised. Yay! So, peep the photos, then...tell a (pregnant) friend. I'm bakk to work.



157/1000 SOLD 


Here are the numbers: 159/841/243.

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Ashley said...

LOVE it!!!

I was about to say I don't know any pregnant women but I do. my unofficial sister is due in December. We don't know what she's having yet though.