TPT: Naming Paintings, What You See

I'm so gangster (I like the ER), I'm just gon skip Monday and move right on over to Tuesday's posts. 

You know what is the most fun and possibly challenging thing about these canvas pieces? Naming them. Of course, I could just skip all that because they have ID numbers, but I'd be a bad mother if I call them my babies and didn't give them proper names. Sometimes they choose their own names. Sometimes we argue about what they should be called. Sometimes I name them while they are still in my head. Sometimes I wait until they are done...and sometimes I name them again after that. 

Part of the difficulty is trying not to be so obvious. Trying not to be cliche. Trying not to be repetitive. Most importantly though, I'm not necessarily trying to make you see what I see in a painting. One thing I really love about art is that you can decide for yourself what it is, what it's trying to say and how it makes you feel. So, although I may know off top what the paintings says to me, I'm okay with letting you decide what it means to you. If I say it's an elephant and you say it's a big grey dog with alopecia, I'm cool with that. 

One of the things I hate most is for "experts" to try to dissect artwork and tell you what the artist meant. And that is what it means leaving absolutely NO room for personal interpretation. Well that just destroys a part of the process. I feel like it actually kills the art. Now it's no longer fluid...and open. Now it just IS. Kind of like a magic trikk when you know exactly how it's done. Just takes the magic out of it. So, I'm always interested to see what you all think about or see in my work. I take pleasure in it.  

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