Big Numbers: Day 32...ummm...

*sigh* I'm not sleepy, but I'm going to bed. I haven't painted, but I want to. It's just late. My time would be better spent trying to find my groove early tomorrow morning than trying to force something tonight. That's annoying. I'm most productive between 11pm and 3am. Not because I'm necessarily a night person (though I may be), but just because it's quiet. Everybody's asleep. TV sukks. Nobody is talking to me. If it was a feasible option to sleep through the day and work at night, it would definitely be something to consider, but it's not. So, I'm going to try not to stress (because that's not why I'm doing this) about skipping a(nother) day and go to bed and try to be my regular beastly self in the morning.

Positive things are in my future. Amen and goodnight!

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