Big Numbers: 42-44 I finished stuff!

Heeeey! I was doing just fine...mostly...I think. I painted every day though I did not write. I started things. I finished things. I've found something to like. I'm happy enough. Here goes.

I did this piece as a donation to friends/frat&soror/customers for their Valentine's Day ball at their church. This was FUN! I already started one for myself. It's going to be bigger, a different color and the scripture will be different.

73/1000 "1st Love"

Then, I did this. It was fun too! I thought the composition was interesting. Don't think I've seen anything like it before. Mommy says she looks like a paper doll. I said it looked like the magic trikk where the magician puts the girl in the box and mixes her body parts up. What say you?

74/1000 and 75/1000 "Scrambled Leggs" 

Loooooooong legs. 

Did ya'll know I LOVE sokks? I didn't know this at first. For many years, I only wore white sokks, but my collection of fun sokks is growing steadily. Bright colors and patters make me happy. I believe when you wear really nice panties, you feel sexy, but when you wear really cute sokks, you feel happy. If you wear both...with a good bra, you'll probably have a FABULOUS day. I did wear a cute pair of knee highs while I painted this. I guess it was a double dose of happy. It made me feel better. I will make more. Maybe thigh highs next time. What ya'll think? I think I want to photograph them framed....when I get frames. 

And here are the 5x7s for the last three days. I don't think I have any thing profound or in depth about this.

42/365 and 77/1000 "Squiggly Puff" 
Saw a big flower on a belt. This is what happened. I wanted to make the belt too, but I'm not buying anything, so it probably won't happen.

43/365 and 78/1000 "Getting Dressed" 
I saw a picture on a wall on an interior design show. I liked it. I said..."ooooh!!!" I tried it. Not NEARLY as fly (or big for that matter), but it's cute like. I added some pearls. Pearls make everything lady like, but for some reason I also associate them with closet freaks. Imitation modesty. I like pearls... :D (Why are there no smileys for my blog?)

44/365 and 79/1000 "YTD"
Oh, I do want to try this again. I think I'll PLAN it next time. The color made me think of dessert. I like desserts. I started with "yummy" and worked my way out from there.

I have a bunch of orders and a terribly BUSY and quite possibly ROUGH week ahead. HEAR. ME. *SIGH.* Oh well, my name is SYM and I got my own cape. 3 day total...7. 79 down...921 pieces and 321 days to go. I got this. *nervous laugh....hearty giggle* :D

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