Big Numbers: Day 38-41

Who missed me? Anybody? I missed here. Kinda. I was on...umm...a moment. I was (and still am) all in my feelings and they were kikkin my butt. I just laid down and let them win. I feel...better. I'm trying to paint through it. I did manage to get some things done yesterday. Not a lot. Not as much as I wanted, but previous thoughts were reinforced. Don't rush. Can't force it. Let it be what it wants to be. Haven't quite figured out how to DEMAND that the paint be ready to be whatever it is when I want it to be and to still try not to force it to be what it is too soon. *sigh* Relationships.

Anywho, I painted this for myself. It helped me feel better. After I was done, I saw way more in it than I had intended to be in it. So, find what you want in it. Have fun.

68/1000 "I Won't Complain" or "Hostage" 
Here are the four 5x7s from the last 4 days.

38/365 and 69/1000 "Sketchy Character"

39/365 and 70/1000 "Reflection of a Heartbeat" 

40/365 and 71/1000  "Floral Peace"
I've been feeling purple lately. I don't know what feeling purple is, but I have it. 

41/365 and 72/1000 "Bugs from Space" 
I've been painting so much for me, I'm finding it harder to take requests. It's frustrating and difficult. Then the fact that it's not coming as easily frustrates me. It is not well. Just as in the last post, I've started on lots of items. I didn't finish anything from that post and I've started more since then. I'm just sitting on bunches of incomplete items. My energy right now isn't happy, but whatever it is has resulted in me finally finishing some things. I won't complain.

Final count...4 days...ummmera...5 pieces. 72 down. 928 pieces and 314 days to go.


Sankofa said...

I hope you find a creative balance. i know how that can be... somedays you need some down time. i missed reading your musings. that big painting... looks like some freaky games going on...lol s and m?

Ashley said...


I like the painting for you. I'll have to stare at her for a little longer for her to speak to me. My first thought though (and I know you hate hearing stuff like this from ME was "sexual bondage". lol

I like the purple flower and might have to get one of my own. And I love the heartbeat one esp. since I've had a few friends either give birth or get pregnant in the last couple of days.

With my writing, I've hit a snag where I WANT to write but the motivation (or topic) isn't quite there yet.

I hope it all comes back to me where I can write again.