Big Numbers: Day 33 (Sometimes, iRamble)

Sorry about yesterday, I just was in NO kind of mood. I'm feeling a lot better today. I wrote a poem. :o)

Sugar is pink
Sunshine is yellow
Joy is orange
Sex is white
Passion is red
Peace is blue
Blakk is beautiful

And we'll call it "Ode to February." Let's all clap for my poetry! #BOOM  My talents are endless people.

I always try to figure out what colors correlate to feelings and events and things. This also applies to flavors. For instance, I've decided that sunshine is yellow. It's pretty literal, but what does sunshine taste like? Maybe watermelon. (HA! I did a piece called sunshine and watermelon on Day 11) These are some of my abstract thoughts. I haven't figured out what color love is or what it taste likes for that matter, but if you'd like to share your thoughts with me, I'd be happy to hear you out. This is fun though. Maybe I'll try to flesh it out. Maybe I'll paint the whole damn poem! You know why? Because my name is SYM and I am awesooooome!!! *Oprah Voice*

The only thing is I usually get bored after I paint something three times in a row, but I've got plenty of days to come bakk to it. Did I tell ya'll I wanted to paint the alphabet? Let's just add 0-9 for good measure. lol. I think I can do it in like 3 months. That'll cover bored days. I'm rambling. I don't care. It's often a sign of a good mood that can turn terribly bad if I don't let some of it out. Deal! 

Oh! I bought paint today. *hangs head in shame* They were on CLEARANCE. I figured it was best to just bite the bullet and buy some today instead of waiting and they were expensive and then I'd be on here MAD because I paid full price and I LOATHE full price. I will go buy more next week. Maybe. Trying to get one of each color.  

So here are the first two lines of the poem. 

32/365 and 60/1000 "Sugar is Pink"
33/365 and 61/1000 "Sunshine is Yellow"

I'll see if I can stay interested enough to work on the other ones this week. I pulled out some shirts for myself that will require cutting, because we already discussed how I didn't have any in my size. Preparing for spring. Yay! Maybe you all will like them and I can make some for you. That would be nice. Ok. I'm done. This is long. I hope it makes up for yesterday. 

Final count for the day 2. 61 down...939 pieces and 332 days to go. 


Anonymous said...

I think love tastes like cotton candy.

Ashley said...

I like the poem though I'm curious to know why you think sex is white.

I think peace is blue as well.

I like anonymous's idea of love tasting like cotton candy though I'm going to say grapefruit (and that may change as I think on it some more)

SYM1 said...

@Anonymous I think I said sugar is pink b/c of cotton candy...I can never be too sure where these thoughts come from.

@Ashley better question is...why do YOU think I said Sex is White? What color do YOU think it is? Let's leave some things open to interpretation.